Friday, February 6, 2009

It's more than an American recession

But our great wealth still protects us to some extent.  I've been out of work for seven weeks now (damn you, RF, you skinny bastard!) but my pantry is far from bare, my house is still warm, and I still have access to the internet.

I still worry, though about the day when that's no longer true.  At this point, despite having a pretty decent resume and a host of skillz, I've gotten hardly a nibble; and the job-seekers group I've joined grows week by week.  Eventually, my unemployment benefits will run out.  Given the rate at which layoffs (oh, yeah, for 'white collar' employees its about firings) are continuing, I just don't see the economy as a whole turning around for quite a long time.

So when I read about the glaneurs of Paris, I knew I was looking into the American future.  Other economies will collapse before ours does, but the rot will move our way inexorably.

And that is some depressing shit.  

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